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We invest in oil and gas minerals in proven oil and gas shale basins. After that, we mature the mineral assets over set timeframe. Then, we liquidate part or all of the mineral assets when the time is right.

As a result, investors own the actual oil and gas that is desired by major exploration and production companies. Above all, investors receive preservation of capital, and cash flow from the oil and gas minerals sold.

We work with high net worth investors and investment companies that want to build a strong energy portfolio.

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Troy W. Eckard
Chief Executive Officer


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Our Commitment

To provide investors an avenue to buy mineral rights desired by major exploration and production companies. As a result, investors (our Partners) receive long-term cash flow, and direct ownership of oil and gas minerals.

Our Expertise

Our team has over three decades in the energy industry. In other words, we understand mineral rights acquisitions, mineral leasing (both as lessor and lessee), exploration and production, and building service companies in the oil and gas industry.

Our Team

We are ambitious and fully committed to delivering on the company’s promise – providing investors a resource to learn, acquire, and maintain a strong mineral rights portfolio.

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What We Offer

Preservation of Capital

The capital invested in minerals is securing future oil and gas reserves.

Cash Flow

A well is drilled at no cost to the mineral owner, and produces long-term cash flow.

Booked Reserves

Each mineral acre acquired secures oil and gas reserves, when a well is drilled.

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